Bitlectro Labs is a team of developers, artists, and blockchain experts who aim to bring unique audio-visual NFTs to the growing world of digital art and collectibles

While digital imagery represents the majority of current NFTs, music based NFTs are still in their infancy. Bitlectro Labs aims to carve a corner in the NFT space focused upon bringing musicians and collectors together in this emerging digital space.

Bringing further utility to NFT collections in the form of gaming, DeFi integrations, and collection specific creative commons licensing

When you own a Bitlectro Labs NFT, you own the rights to utilize the music in media you create (e.g., YouTube, Podcasts, Twitch, etc.)

Upcoming releases will feature curated artists and musicians, and vary in project size, scarcity, and aesthetic

By producing collections made by artists and musicians from different musical genres and visual aesthetics, we aim to make our NFT collections a novel way to collect and experience music

Some collections will be redeemable for physical copies, for example, vinyl records or cassette tapes

As the catalog of releases grows, we expect collectors to resell and trade* our NFTs peer to peer, creating a network and community of fans

*both the physical copies and the NFTs

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